New cover for kindle A Little Book of Tall Short Stories

I found this gorgeous photograph of a red fox and thought of that handsome villain Renardo from one of the short stories – The Fox- wife. I am posting the story for anyone unfamiliar with it.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Vessey @jeremeyvessey

Paperback Available on Amazon now and in Kindle 1st March 2021

Butter and Whiskey: The Ballad of Maggie Doyle.

After an affair with a local priest, Maggie Doyle, an unhappily married woman in Southern Ireland, gives birth to a baby with tiny wings. Father John, meanwhile, abandons her and heads for the mainland, in disgrace. When The Vatican sends its Cardinal to investigate, Maggie takes an horrific course of action that will send her spiraling into madness and despair.

Years later, they have both ended up in London where, unbeknownst to either, their fates become once again entwined. Whilst each finds friendship and love in unexpected places, someone is watching Maggie, and Father John is haunted by his guilt. And why is Maggie dreaming of a strange young man, she has never met before?

On the night that their paths finally cross, the past too seems to have caught up with them, and Father John sees an opportunity to atone for having abandoned Maggie, in her hour of greatest need. 

Published by tintinwa

Judith S Glover lives in Tasmania with her husband and two cats.

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