Quirky Stories

by Judith S Glover

Quirky Stories

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I have posted the prologue of Butter and Whiskey: The Ballad of Maggie Doyle as a taster for the novel, which is available now in paperback on Amazon in the Kindle Store. Find it in the post buttons.

The Marmite Test. (05.02.2021) With tiny nod to Jane Austen. (Sorry Vegemite just isn’t the same!)

Chasing The Dragon ( 02.03.2021)

Rats in the Attic (22.02.21). More fun with Eric and Julia.

Penguin(07.02.2021) This tale is a nod to Mary Shelley with a smaller nod to Douglas Adams at the end.

The Kitkat Club (25.01.2021)
This is a little sequel to The Fox Wife ( see posts).

The Tail of Trinity Taylor( 10.01.2021)

The Book Shop (02.01.2021)

A Father Christmas Carol (2020)

The Child Eater (Xmas 2020)

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    1. Hi Ric….yes the buttons, if that is the right word are at the top of the home page, click on blog. I wanted to make a hyperlink between the story titles and the blog, but simply do not have the know how!!! tanks for having a look, anyway.


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