Quirky Stories

by Judith S Glover

Quirky Stories

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I have posted the prologue of Butter and Whiskey: The Ballad of Maggie Doyle as a taster for the novel, which is available now in paperback on Amazon in the Kindle Store. Find it in the post buttons.

Judith and Holofernes (20.01.2022) A story about my namesake!

The Marmite Test. (05.02.2021) With tiny nod to Jane Austen. (Sorry Vegemite just isn’t the same!)

Chasing The Dragon ( 02.03.2021)

Rats in the Attic (22.02.21). More fun with Eric and Julia.

Penguin(07.02.2021) This tale is a nod to Mary Shelley with a smaller nod to Douglas Adams at the end.

The Kitkat Club (25.01.2021)
This is a little sequel to The Fox Wife ( see posts).

The Tail of Trinity Taylor( 10.01.2021)

The Book Shop (02.01.2021)

A Father Christmas Carol (2020)

The Child Eater (Xmas 2020)

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    1. Hi Ric….yes the buttons, if that is the right word are at the top of the home page, click on blog. I wanted to make a hyperlink between the story titles and the blog, but simply do not have the know how!!! tanks for having a look, anyway.


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